Two Poems

Jared Bartman
Two Poems

A: Quiet And Still
B: Love’s Secret

Songs by Jared Bartman

Words for “Quiet And Still” by Maggie Beneke

Words for “Love’s Secret” by William Blake

Music arranged by Jared Bartman and Aaron Kavelman

Basic tracking by Jared Bartman at Altmodisch and Aaron Kavelman’s home

Overdubs and mixing by Mark Rubel at Pogo Studio

Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service

Art and design by Nicole Blackburn

Jared Bartman logo by Sean H. Cairns

Jared Bartman; voice, guitars, electric bass, piano, portachord
Aaron Kavelman; drums

Thank you: Aaron Kavelman, Mark Rubel, Jason Ward, Maggie Beneke, Nicole Blackburn, Matt Gross, Tony Santore, Max Kerr, Sean Cairns, and Stephanie Therese

© And Why The Sea Is Boiling Hot, ASCAP (2011)

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