Studio / Recording Engineer / Commercial Music

I’m Jared Bartman. Aside from making music as Moon Ruin, I produce, record, and mix music for recording artists. I also write, record, and mix music for commercial settings.

I maintain a recording/mix project studio in Peoria, IL, but I will work anywhere. I love making music, and would love to be part of your record or commercial music project.

Email me for rates.

Gear list available upon request.

Below is a sample of my work:


Jared Bartman – “I Refute Technology” (2008) - writing, performance, production

Thomas Beneke – “The Ocean, It Runs Into The Sea” - recording

Jared Bartman – “Jersey Shore” (2009) - writing, performance, production

Jared Bartman – “Two Poems” (2011) - writing, performance, production, recording, mixing

John Davey – “In a Whelming Tide” (2012) - writing, performance, recording

Jared Bartman – “Misery Makes Strange Bedfellows” (2013) - writing, performance, recording

Moon Ruin – “Slow Down Ego” (2018) - writing, performance, production, recording

Moon Ruin – “I Wish I Was In Peoria (2019) – writing, performance, production, recording, mixing

Heavenworld – “?” (2019) [forthcoming] - recording, mixing