"Jared Bartman is a dude who makes songs that are pleasant but also sorta melancholy and chamber poppy and a little off in a good way, and we like him, so you should also like him." – Noisey

"...Bartman seems to find the delicate balance between experimentation and the inherent accessibility of pop." – Death and Taxes

“Sure, you can pick up books and recordings from everywhere in the world, no matter where you grow up or call home, but the ways that Bartman has imagined his distinctive and highly-creative compositions is something that doesn't just come to most people who have been raised where he's been raised.” – Daytrotter

"Jared Bartman makes us feel that around every corner are equal parts promise and disappointment." – Daytrotter

"A proverbial onion of an album, rich in its stylistic layers, leaving you guessing the trail of the young composer’s diverse influences." – Earbuddy

"In under forty minutes, Bartman has crafted an album that thousands upon thousands of artists will spend their lifetimes trying to craft and never achieve." – Made of Chalk

“At 21, Bartman’s music exudes a kind of pathos that someone his age shouldn’t possess…On his new record, Jersey Shore, Bartman fuses everything from eastern European klezmer to Victorian poetry and creates a musical melange that is more than the sum of its parts.” – Music For Ants

“Jared Bartman has an uncommon gift for melody and arrangement. His music is so unusual that it shouldn't work at all — yet it does. Forget blowing away the rest of the indie-folk scene, he blows away the indie scene as a whole.” – Smile Politely


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