Misery Makes Strange Bedfellows

Jared Bartman – Misery Makes Strange Bedfellows

Committed to tape and mixed by Scott Solter on Orient between January and July 2013

Additional recording by Mark Rubel at Pogo Studio, and by Mike Wilson and Kyle Prillaman at Earth Analog

Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service

Songs by Jared Bartman

String quartets by Hamilton Berry and Jared Bartman, except “In Belize” string quartet by Dan Viggers
Bass by Per Ellingson, except  “Therese” upright bass by Jonathan Henderson
Drum set/percussion by Andrew Hiller except:
 “Jackals” drum set/percussion by Aaron Kavelman
 “You’ve Been Drinking Again” drum set/percussion by Andrew Hiller and Jonathan Henderson

Geeta Abad – violin
Jared Bartman – voice, guitars, electric bass, pianos, organs, accordion, omnichord, vibraphone
Stephanie Bartman – voice
Per Ellingson – electric bass
Jenna Ferdon – violin, flute
Jonathan Henderson – upright bass, percussion
Andrew Hiller – drum set, percussion, beats
Aaron Kavelman – drum set, percussion
Michy Maloof – voice
Eric Pidluski – violin
Jessie Pilcher – voice 
Alyssa Przygoda – viola
Scott Solter – long sounds, landscapes
Charles Spurgeon – cello

Art/design by Matthew Harlan: matthewharlan.com

© And Why The Sea Is Boiling Hot (ASCAP 2013)