Jersey Shore

The music of Jersey Shore is a collaboration between Jared Bartman, Erik Christian Juhl, Aaron Kavelman, and Mark Rubel.

Produced by Mark Rubel

Recorded and mixed at Pogo Studio by Mark Rubel, March - July 2009

Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service, July 2009

Artwork and design by Adde Russell (

All songs and words by Jared Bartman, except the words of “I Shall Not Care”, adapted freely from the Sara Teasdale poem of the same title.

© And Why The Sea Is Boiling Hot, ASCAP (2009)

Thank You: Mom and Dad, Mark Rubel, Aaron and Christina Kavelman, Erik Juhl, Stephanie Therese Meyer, Adde Russell, Jason Ward, John Vanderslice, Lynn and Janet Kavelman, Ken Bartman Jr., Kelsey Klopfenstein, Hannah Salazar, Kim Foster, Jessica Baran, Abby Beneke, Cody Fiedler, Andrew Speiden, Erik Anderson, Chris Adams-Wenger, Pete Colgan, Jill Potts, Jason Shea, Todd Kelly, David Vroman, and James Hile.