I Refute Technology

I Refute Technology is a collaboration between Jared Bartman, Erik Juhl, Aaron Kavelman

Written by Jared Bartman

Published by And Why The Sea Is Boiling Hot, ASCAP (2008)

“Hypocrite Version” arranged by J. Bartman

“Disembodied Voices Version” and “Je Réfute la Technologie” arranged by J. Bartman, E. Juhl, and A. Kavelman

“Phonograph Regime” arranged by J. Bartman and M. Rubel

Produced by Mark Rubel

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mark Rubel at Pogo Studio in August 2007 – March 2008

Artwork and Design by Adde Russell (www.adderussell.com)

Thank You: Mom and Dad, Mark Rubel, Aaron and Christina Kavelman, Erik Juhl, Ian Brown, Lindsey Wanner, Cassie Shepherd, Eric Chelmecki, Rebecca Meyer, Doug Stewart, Cody Fiedler, Brian Spicklemire, Lisa Brittingham, Jordan Mandel, Abby Beneke, Tom Beneke, Adde Russell, Ken Bartman Jr., and Stephanie Therese Meyer.